Martin Tomitsch

Lecturer in Design Computing

Wilkinson building (G04)

Room 276

148 City Road

Sydney 2006 (NSW)


+61 2 9351 4610 (email preferred)


About me

I hold a lectureship at the University of Sydney and work as researcher at the Design Lab, an interdisciplinary research group within the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning. I am the Director of the Design Computing (Bachelor) program and teach in the Interaction Design and Electronic Arts (Masters) program. I'm a founding member at the Media Architecture Institute and member of the organising committee for the Media Architecture Biennale. I have a background in informatics with a focus on interaction design and human computer interaction. In my research I investigate aspects of designing and evaluating information interfaces in everyday environments. Before joining the University of Sydney I worked at the Research Group for Industrial Software (INSO) at the Vienna University of Technology.

Current research projects

Responsive transport environments: spatial and visual user information technologies to allow improved passenger flow and a better customer experience | ARC Linkage project with UTS, Grimshaw Architects, Arup Ltd, City of Sydney, Transport NSW and Railcorp | Project book publication

Public information feedback for reflective sustainable living | Funded through the Sustainability Cluster at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning | Project website

Research activities

Founding member of the Media Architecture Institute and - the Austrian network for information and communication technologies for development.

Co-organiser of the Media Architecture Biennale and the OZCHI Student Design Challenge.

Committee member of OZCHI, AIS 2008 and Beyond Mobile Context.

Editorial board member for IJHCR and IJICTRDA.

Teaching and workshops

DECO2200 Interaction Design Studio and DECO2102 Interactive Multimedia Design
Websites: 2009 | 2010 | 2011

DECO3005 Advanced Interaction Design (formerly Advanced Interactive Multimedia Design)
Websites: 2009 | 2010 | 2011

DECO3100 Information Visualisation Studio (coordination)
Website: 2010

IDEA9101 Experimental Interfaces Lab and IDEA9102 Installation Studio
Websites: 2011

IDEA9105 Human-Computer Interaction
Websites: 2009 | 2010

Sydney Design: Electronic Media Arts Workshop
Website: 2009

Research supervision

Stefan Bachl | Visiting Master Student (DECO) | Effects of personal displays and transfer techniques on collaboration in multi-touch based multi-display environments | 2010-2011.

Tamara Chahine | Bachelor of Design Computing (Honours) | Designing and evaluating mobile personal and urban informatics applications for public transport | 2011.

Oliver Dawson | Bachelor of Design Computing (Honours) | Augmented Architecture Interfaces: designing for interpersonal interactions in building space | 2011.

Jessie Pei-Hong Hsu | Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts (Honours) | An intelligent display of individual power consumption | 2010.

Mandy Leung | Bachelor of Design Computing (Honours) | Evaluating the externalisation of online social status through visualisation | 2010.

Athony Milou | MPhil student (Associate Supervisor) | Play Engines: search engine alternative for knowledge augmentation in design education | 2008, ongoing.

Nikash Singh | Bachelor of Design Computing (Honours) | Designing and evaluating a human-centred browser extension to ease online interaction | 2009.

Nikash Singh | PhD student | Postal: personal information management in email | 2010, ongoing.

Philip Staud | Visiting Master Student (DECO) | Identifying design directions for social network goal sharing applications | 2009-2011.

Book publications

Haeusler, M., Tomitsch, M., and Tscherteu, G. (2012) New Media Facades - A Global Survey. avedition. Available from avedition and Amazon.

Gardner, N., Haeusler M.H., and Tomitsch, M. (2010). Infostructure: A Transport Research Project. Freerange Press, Christchurch, ISBN 978-0-9808689-0-6. Available from Freerange Press and

Tscherteu, G. and Tomitsch, M. (2010). Media Architecture Biennale 2010, Exhibition catalogue, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, ISBN 978-3-900926-89-2.

Recent publications

C. Ackad, A. Collins, O. Dawson, R. Gluga, K. Grace, J. Kay, M. Tomitsch, and R. Wasinger. Enhancing interactivity at an interactive public information display. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Pervasive Displays 2013 (PerDis'13), ACM Press.

Valkanova, N., Jorda, S., Tomitsch, M., and Vande Moere, A. (2013) Reveal-it!: The Impact of a Social Visualization Projection on Public Awareness and Discourse. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Human Factors in Computing (CHI'13), ACM Press, 3461-3470.

Singh, N., Tomitsch, M., and Maher, M. (2013) Understanding the Management and Need For Awareness of Temporal Information in Email. Proceedings of Australasian User Interface Conference (AUIC'13), ACM Press.

Hespanhol, L. and Tomitsch, M. (2012) Designing for Collective Participation with Media Installations in Public Spaces. In Proceedings of the Media Architecture Biennale conference (MAB'12), ACM Press.

Tomitsch, M., Mitchell, M.C., and Weng, H. (2012). Designing for mobile interaction with augmented objects. In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Pervasive Displays, ACM Press.

Hespanhol, L., Tomitsch, M., Grace, K., Collins, A., and Kay, J. (2012). Investigating intuitiveness and effectiveness of gestures for free spatial interaction with large displays. In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Pervasive Displays (PerDis'12), ACM Press.

Hespanhol, L., Sogono, M.C., Wu, G., Saunders, R., and Tomitsch, M. (2011). Elastic experiences: designing adaptive interaction for individuals and crowds in the public space. In Proceedings of the 23rd Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference (OzCHI '11). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 148-151.

Chahine, T. and Tomitsch, M. (2011). Designing Mobile Personal Informatics Applications for Urban Settings. Digital Cities 7, International Workshop at C&T 2011, Brisbane, Australia.

Bachl, S., Tomitsch, M., Kappel, K., and Grechenig, G. (2011). The Effects of Personal Displays and Transfer Techniques on Collaboration Strategies in Multi-touch Based Multi-display Environments. Proceedings of 13th IFIP TC13 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT '11), Part I, LNCS 6946, Springer: 373-390.

Vande Moere, A., Tomitsch, M., Hoinkis, M., Johansen, S., and Trefz, E. (2011). Comparative Feedback in the Street: Exposing Residential Energy Consumption on House Facades. Proceedings of 13th IFIP TC13 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT '11), Part I, LNCS 6946, Springer: 470-488.

Leung, M., Tomitsch, M., and Vande Moere, A. (2011). Designing A Personal Visualization Projection of Online Social Identity. Proceedings of the 2011 Annual Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI EA '11), ACM, New York, NY, USA, 1843-1848.

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Augmented Play and Urban Realities

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Neighbourhood Scoreboards: public information display for reflective sustainable living

The BoxLEDs project

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